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I feel sexy all of the time, said the great Joana Bliss, a New Age goddess who's discovered the fountain of youth through a healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation. "I have been called a goddess before. It's a beautiful compliment." Joana takes us to a gym where she can have some privacy. She proceeds to workout in stages, from dressed in a sexy fitness outfit to totally naked. We get to see Joana's breast exercises, calisthenics and dumbbell curls and some of it in slow motion too. With her booty shorts peeled off, Joana gives her pussy some exercise also. The gym manager didn't see Joana doing this scene but he did offer her a free lifetime pass before she and our crew exited. Unfortunately for him and his gym customers, it's too long a commute from Bucharest to Prague. Joana has a sly sense of humor too. When we asked her what a guy should do to actually meet her, she answered, "Get in line." It's a good thing we had this gym to ourselves or this video would have never been finished. Joana's been photographed by many different SCORE photographers over the years. All of them loved her modeling style and personality. Enjoy the boob bliss Joana brings.

gabriel69 | 5 months ago

aunt Joana has some of the biggest tits I've ever seen